JAPAN 2019 – 2 Months of travel – Solo and with Long Distance BF

I’m Abi, a British Uni student, who spent my last Summer before I graduate Uni, on my longest Japan trip yet! This is just a collection of videos I took on the trip – no fancy music or editing, sorry!

If you wish to know any of the locations, just ask in the comments!
A lot was done in the Kansai area, since that’s where my BF (often seen in the clips) was born and lives! We’re long distance right now, but once I graduate I want to move to Japan to live with him ^o^

I was solo for the first 12 days of the trip, and also during Nebuta in Aomori, however the rest was the two of us!

It’s a long video, but if you’re interested to watch until the end, Thank you! The rest of you can just click through here and there~

For photos of my trip, visit my Instagram @Owlabi!
Thanks for watching!!

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