GEISHA OF JAPAN How to stalk the Geisha to get the best pics. Lifestyle Tony and Misa

GEISHA OF JAPAN How to stalk the Geisha to get the best pics
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Whilst in Japan, do as the Japanese. Eat sushi, ramen, tofu, sashimi, tempura, udon, onigiri, tempura, teriyaki and don’t forget okonomiyaki. Try especially the wagyu beef. Delight in the taste of sake at a Shinjuku izakaya or a Taiyaki at Gindaco. Travel Japanese trains to Tokyo, Hiroshima, Osaka and all the way to Hokaido. You’ll find 7 eleven convenience stores everywhere for special treats as well as Family Marts and more. Enjoy all you can drink at karaoke like Ban Ban. See traditional Japanese culture of Geisha and visit the isles of Shikoku and Kyushu and remember before eating to always say Itadakimasu.
Itadakimasu Tony & Misa. Always funny, always crazy. Our story of connecting Japanese culture with the Australian ways of doing things. It’s interesting to see how different things are but how it all comes together. Ups, downs and everything in between. Unless Tony tries to talk Japanese. Then we have to be patient.
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