nen-nekoya: A place cats can call home (Tokyo, Japan)

nen-nekoya is a guesthouse & cafe owned. The owner, Mie Kuba, has dedicated 25 years to providing refuge and care for stray cats. The place is a guest house but also runs as a cafe on the side on weekends. Outside is a truly impressive shrine dedicated just to cats. If you are a cat lover, this place will be well worth your visit.

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・Accommodates 1 person
nen-nekoya is first and foremost a guesthouse and the owner welcomes guests looking for long-term stay (one week or more). The house itself is located in a very quiet backstreet of Yanaka surrounded by temples, hidden cafes and small shops just waiting to be discovered. The building is an old relic of the past and guests will get to experience a true Japanese way of living. Amenities are very limited (no WiFi!) so this place is recommended for travelers not afraid of switching off.

The cafe space is available on the weekends only. It is not a cat cafe like the ones you often find around Tokyo – it is more a cafe that shares its space with cats. The cafe space is the size of a small living room with only 3 or so tables. As you can imagine, capacity is very limited so reservations essential. While there is an a-la-carte menu available, most visitors pre-order one of the three set courses.

At the time of writing, there are 6 cats at nen-nekoya, ranging from 15 to 23 years old – that’s up to 150 human years!

Website: (JP only)
Instagram: nennekoya
Twitter: nennekoyado

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