Kamikochi in late Autumn. 秋快晴の上高地

Kamikochi is a wonderful nature hidden in Japan Alps. Beauty of the river and mountains. It was a bit late autumn when I arrived. Most of the leaves already dropped. Fortunately, as you will see in the video, there are still a lot of autumn vibe in it.

I drove from Tokyo to Kamikochi during 3 days weekend. It took 5.5 hrs instead of 4hrs to arrive there. From the parking lot, since we were a group of 4, taxi is the best option with the cheapest round trip. 3,500 yen to Kamikochi and 4,200 yen back to the parking lot. If you travel alone or a couple, taking a bus may be a better option but a taxi will save you a lot of time.

If you use public transport, the direct bus from Shinjuku might be the most convenient option but a bit high cost. There are a lot of option to travel to Kamikochi, you can check it from

One important note is Kamikochi is not opening throughout a year. As this year, it will close on Nov 15. So please check the official website before your visit.

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