Walk in the Sapporo Station, Hokkaido Government Office and Akapla C4K / 秋の札幌駅 北海道庁 アカプラまで紅葉散歩 C4K

From Sapporo Station to the government office. At the end we took a walk through the autumn leaves of AKAPLA.

You can use it for work, study, reading, relaxing, sleeping, meditation, and releasing stress.

■Seasonal playlist 季節ごとのプレイリスト
Spring / 春

Summer / 夏

Autumn / 秋

Winter / 冬

■Playlist by attribute 属性によるプレイリスト
Forest / 森 & 林

Water & River / 水 & 川

Flame & Fire / 火 & 炎

Animal / 動物

Walk / 散歩

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